The Yorkshire Post says: Family fortunes. The bonds that make Yorkshire

PART of Yorkshire's renown can be explained by the strong families '“ and personalities '“ which have come to epitomise this county and its character.

Christa Ackroyd is a new columnist for Life & Style.

From all walks of life, they range from the Bannister family, synonymous with farming in the Yorkshire Wolds for more than a century, to broadcaster and writer Christa Ackroyd – a new Life & Style weekly columnist – who has penned a poignant account about her late mother’s influence on her career.

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Those who invariably enjoy the greatest success in God’s own county are often the most strong-willed. This county’s famed work ethic is also ingrained into them from an early age. They’re also fortunate to have been born to parents who not only worked hard, often for little reward in the post-war strife, but wanted the best for their children. Such familial bonds explain why so many innovative and inspirational individuals name, without hesitation, their parents as their most significant influence – and with justifiable pride.