The Yorkshire Post says: Fuel from the sea – answer that was under our feet in Scarborough

THE catastrophe of marine pollution caused by the millions of tons of single-use plastics which humanity dumps into the oceans, is, thanks to the efforts of Sir David Attenborough, among the best-publicised challenges facing mankind.

Wave Crookes of Seagrown in Scarborough

Who would have thought, then, that a possible solution had been under our feet for centuries, along the Scarborough coastline?

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The prospect of growing and harvesting seaweed on an industrial scale, to produce plastics, textiles and fuels which are biodegradable, is good news not only for the planet but also for our own corner of it, which might now benefit from new, skilled jobs in the marine industry.

Even the growing process of seaweed, on lines anchored out of sight in the North Sea, is said to be good for the environment, soaking up more carbon from the atmosphere than a rainforest.

The local company behind the project, and the Government’s support for it, is to be warmly welcomed.