The Yorkshire Post says: Protecting the South Pennines

IF campaigners get their way, this may not be the case for much longer – but as it stands, the South Pennines is the only upland landscape in England not to be protected by national park or similar status.

Hebden Bridge in the South Pennines

As such, it is seldom the first recourse for a day out – not when the peerless Dales, Moors and coast are also on our collective doorstep.

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That is a shame, because the area which straddles the Yorkshire border and takes in Ilkley and Haworth, as well as its spiritual centre in Hebden Bridge, is one of the most diverse and attractive areas in our region. There is the industrial heritage, of course, but also 2,000 miles of paths and bridleways.

The South Pennines have a character distinct from the surrounding area, and that’s why a move is afoot to have it designated a regional park, in a similar manner to the one that now protects the Lee Valley in London.

This is not a new idea but Michael Gove’s review of our national assets holds out some hope that it may finally be realised. It would not be before time.