The Yorkshire Post says: Required reading - living with Tony Booth and Alzheimer’s as poignant memoir published

STEPH BOOTH wasn’t just married to her husband Tony, the actor and father of Cherie Blair.

Steph Booth with her late husband Tony.

In a poignant memoir, she also reveals how Alzheimer’s, one of the cruellest conditions of all, came to overshadow their relationship for its final 10 years and how the love of the people of Todmorden was her salvation.

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Required reading, her book offers reassurance to all those facing a similar predicament and who feel a deep sense of isolation as their life becomes consumed by caring for a loved one, and the inevitable bureaucracy, when they just want some support or words of sympathy.

Steph Booth with her husband Tony during her term as mayor of Todmorden.

And as the Government continues to procrastinate over its social care reforms – regrettably a recurring theme in these columns – it is another reminder that the whole country’s approach towards dementia, and the commitment of all carers, needs to become more enlightened as more people come to terms with these diseases as well as the heartbreak and torment which also follows.