The Yorkshire Post says: School's out... Outdoor lessons help children

IMPROVING childrens' chances is at the heart of what every school and teacher is devoted to, and it seems in one respect a back-to-basics approach is achieving exactly that.

Outdoor lessons are said to benefit the wellbeing of children.

Taking pupils from the classroom to be taught outdoors is achieving impressive results in schools across Yorkshire, and that is much to be welcomed. It is reaping benefits not just in how the children are learning, but also in their general health and well-being.

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There is much concern these days that too many children are fixated on screens, and spending excessive time indoors. This is one factor in the growing problem of childhood obesity.

Lessons outside are providing evidence that by encouraging children to engage with nature and the wider world, they are not only likely to grow into healthier adults, but better-educated ones with greater life chances too. Outdoor teaching is a success that deserves to become much more widespread.