The Yorkshire Post says: Selby Abbey anniversary celebrations a fitting tribute

The celebrations that marked the 900th year of Selby Abbey were of such an incredible scale that The Queen attended, rock band Pink Floyd performed and the Royal Navy supplied three ships for the occasion.

Selby Abbey is celebrating its 950th anniversary this year.

It was quite some recognition for Yorkshire’s oldest abbey which remains integral to the work of the Church of England. The abbey has sat at the heart
of the community since 1069, enduring some of England’s most destructive periods of history, to continue to run services, weddings, concerts and family events.

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It seems only fitting then that local collaboration will be at the core of its 950th anniversary this year, with schools, businesses and charities all involved.

Organisers say they have their work cut out to match the festivities of 50 years ago, but plans for a carnival parade, bell peal and an art installation which will see the abbey bathed in light appear to be a more than fitting tribute for such a special building and Yorkshire landmark.