The Yorkshire Post says: Sharing problems. Men open up on mental health

THE pages of The Yorkshire Post this week have featured two young men from different walks of life united in their bravery in sharing their stories of dealing with mental health issues.

The route took in some stunning views.

Today’s newspaper includes the extraordinary account of Ben Davis, a 31-year-old events producer from Harrogate inspired to run 495 miles around Yorkshire’s border to raise money for a men’s mental health charity after his own battle with the debilitating effects of depression two years ago.

He explains both how difficult he found it to open up about his problems and the way in which many other runners who joined him along the route shared similar previously-unvoiced experiences of their own with him.

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His story comes just a day after former rider George Chaloner explained how he is still having therapy to deal with the post-traumatic stress he suffered following a series of dangerous falls that ended his racing career at the age of 25.

Both men have highlighted the importance of opening up about such issues as the vital first step in addressing them. But it is equally important support services are available for those who need them, especially in light of recent warnings about long waiting times for patients seeking therapy in Leeds.

At-risk patients must not be left by the system to suffer in silence.