The Yorkshire Post says: Time running out as urgency grows for Brexit deal

AS Theresa May enters another potentially fraught week in the Commons over Brexit, she might take some small crumb of comfort from the mood music coming from the right-wing of her own party.

Graeme Bandeira's latest cartoon was published in The Yorkshire Post on Saturday.

The ardent Brexiteers of the European Research Group appear to be softening their stance sufficiently to hold out the prospect of the Prime Minister’s deal winning the day after all, though as with everything else surrounding this convoluted political process, that is not yet certain.

What is certain though, is that the need for a deal to be done that takes Britain out of the EU in an orderly fashion that minimises any potential damage to the economy grows more urgent with every passing day.

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That is underlined by the report from the CBI that growth in private firms has stagnated in recent months amid declining consumer confidence.

This is a matter of serious concern, especially because it is just the latest in a now-lengthy series of warnings from business that the uncertainty around Brexit is damaging.

Sectors ranging from manufacturing to agriculture have all expressed their concerns, and what they have to say needs to be taken with the utmost seriousness.

They are not crying wolf, but giving voice to real dangers.

The imminence of the March 29 departure date needs to focus minds at Westminster.

There is no time left now for political posturing, or the vagueness of Labour’s intentions over the deal.

What should be uppermost in MPs’ minds 
is the welfare of the economy.