The Yorkshire Post says: Titan of track. Sir Roger Bannister's inspiring example

SIR Roger Bannister was a titan of British sport, and the announcement of his death yesterday will have saddened legions of fans, including those far too young to recall his shining moment.

Sir Roger Bannister broke the four minute mile.

His achievement in becoming the first man to run the mile in under four minutes in 1954 was one of those iconic records that define the heights of determination and athleticism that elite sport can achieve.

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But Sir Roger achieved so much more, both in his subsequent career as a distinguished neurologist, and as co-founder of the London Marathon.

His was a truly great life that inspired others to set their aims high, and then by sheer hard work attain them.

That is the noblest of legacies, and Sir Roger’s spirit will endure in the example he set to 
every subsequent generation of sportsmen and women, that if they work hard enough, they can achieve the seemingly impossible.