YP Comment: Social etiquette of phone users

THE extent to which new technology runs our lives is illustrated by comedian Chris Rock's insistence that fans will be ejected from First Direct Arena, Leeds, if caught breaching a ban on the use of mobile phones, cameras and recording devices at his forthcoming show.

The funnyman knows this will lessen the likelihood of his original material appearing on YouTube, where it can then be plagiarised by others, but it’s no laughing matter for those whose entire lives appear to revolve around social media.

Yet they forget the etiquette of such events. They’re there to be enjoyed and the phone faux pas of the self-indulgent threatens to spoil the entertainment of those who want to savour the occasion. It can be done. There were no leaks of the dress rehearsal for the Olympic opening ceremony in 2012 because those present embraced the #SaveTheSurprise message. Perhaps this should form the basis of a new campaign: For your eyes only.

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