YP Letters: Keeping prospective Yorkshire mayor informed

Welcome to Yorkshire chief executive Sir Gary Verity.Welcome to Yorkshire chief executive Sir Gary Verity.
Welcome to Yorkshire chief executive Sir Gary Verity.
From: Ian Smith, Colston Close, Bradford.

IT will take a very special individual to impress those of us in Yorkshire (‘We need our own Boris to pull region together’, Tom Richmond, The Yorkshire Post, February 18).

At the 2012 referendum, I, like the majority in Yorkshire, elected not to have a mayor; and I’ve not shifted because I still think that the mechanisms for doing what’s right for Yorkshire have been, and are still, in place.

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Each body needs to realise that collectively they’re greater than themselves.

But, if one – or more – is forced upon us, then I’ll vote only for the one who publicly vows to read the centre pages of The Yorkshire Post every single day – for comment, letters and opinions.

Reading the most sensible and balanced thoughts of Tykes is the very least one might expect of any Yorkshire guru.

Oh, and s/he must be a Tyke, or a virtual one.

Otherwise, it’ll be an unspoilt, unchecked ballot paper.

From: Danny Bass, Scarborough.

COME on Sir Gary Verity, you’re the only man who can be Mayor for Greater Yorkshire. Get on with it – and the councils will then have to fall into line because you’re trusted more than any leader or chief executive. What’s stopping you lad?