YP Letters: North ignored as region’s rail woes continue

From: Brian Darvell, Molescroft, Beverley.

Graeme Bandeira's depiction of Chris Grayling.

ANOTHER excellent piece of journalism on ‘Macavity’ Grayling (Tom Richmond, The Yorkshire Post, February 5) and here in the East Riding we suffer more than most from his pontificating.

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Hardly a day goes by without a train to London being cancelled by Hull Trains.

They have just bought a 40-year-old 125 train to take up the slack.

It is truly laughable as drivers now have to be taught how to drive it!

As the late Bernard Dineen would say: “You can’t make it up.”

But after your many criticisms of Chris Grayling, I wonder if you’re shouting into an empty room as most MPs seem to think the North resembles an empty wasteland peopled by knuckle-dragging inhabitants.

Our own MPs should be making more noise in 
Parliament but they seemed 
to be bogged down with 
Brexit instead of governance.

Anyway, keep up the 
good work, you provide me 
with a few laughs in these grim days.