YP Letters: Our wonderful royal family deserves a yacht

From: Christopher Clapham, Shipley.

File photo dated 1/8/97 of Royal Yacht Britannia as Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has suggested that wealthy philanthropists could fund a new royal yacht for the Queen.

THE answer to Arthur Quarmby’s letter (The Yorkshire Post, October 24) “Now for a new Royal Yacht” has to be a resounding ‘yes’.

The Queen and Prince Philip have simply been outstanding in their service to this country and the Commonwealth. We can certainly be very proud of all they have done, and continue to do.

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The Queen has also been an outstanding Head of State respected the world over, perhaps I could say our greatest monarch ever.

With Brexit meaning Brexit, we can now concentrate our efforts on the Commonwealth and at a fraction of the cost. I watched a programme on the Prince of Wales and was amazed at his workload, along with the energy he displayed executing his duties faultlessly day in and day out.

Sadly, but not unexpectedly, I do not seem to have had the pleasure of seeing a repeat showing.

Let us select a team of Royal appointed craftsmen from Britain and the Commonwealth and build a new Britannia reminding the world why Britain has a Great in front of it!

Have we not wasted millions over the years supporting those who have been allowed to be so negative about our great country?