YP Letters: Reginald Brace and decades of excellent tennis coverage

From: Brian H Sheridan, Lodge Moor, Sheffield.

Reader Brian Sheridan has praised tennis correspondent Reg Brace's description of Rafael Nadal.

I CAN assure Reginald Brace that he is mistaken in assuming that his remarkable sequence of reporting on 58 Wimbledons “means nothing to anyone other than” himself (The Yorkshire Post, July 9).

I have newspaper cuttings of his reports on tennis from six decades ago as he covered the fortunes of the Yorkshire tennis teams for The Yorkshire Post.

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Revisiting them, it is striking how he afforded us humble county players the same respect as the stars whose feats he recorded so eloquently at other times.

In common with other exceptional sports journalists he has a gift for imagery: a powerful server might “detonate” serves which “explode off the turf”.

One journeyman player played with “barrel-chested belligerence”.

There is a place for the agency reporters your newspaper uses but they lack Brace’s personal tag which I have missed.

His latest effort from Wimbledon – which I hope will not be his last – provides an example of your veteran reporter at his best: “Rafael Nadal is pounding away ominously at the foot of the draw.”

Mindful of his additional music critique, it is images 
such as this which define his talent.