YP Letters: Sheffield must have own station on HS2 line

Will HS2 be good for Yorkshire?
Will HS2 be good for Yorkshire?
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From: Sandra Haith, Bramley, Rotherham.

I HAVE just read the article by Pete Waterman on HS2 and am furious (The Yorkshire Post, February 2).

He purports to know so 
much about the subject, but 
it is clear he is nothing more 
than a rail enthusiast with 
very little knowledge of the 

Pete Waterman: Why I’m backing HS2 to unleash true potential of Yorkshire

He dismisses the efforts of local MPs, councils and action groups who are doing their utmost to ensure that 
Sheffield City Region is given 
its fair share of the benefits, which is a station on the high-speed line.

We are currently being offered only a slow spur into Sheffield on old lines, and with no HS2 connection from Sheffield to Leeds.

Hence less capacity, speed and connectivity.

Mr Waterman is obviously oblivious to all this information, since he seems to think HS2 will go to Doncaster.

I am a member of the 
Bramley Action Group. We 
are not country bumpkins 
who do not know what is 
good for us, but professional people who have been working on this project for almost 
three years now, alongside our MPs.

We have amassed an incredible amount of information.