YP Letters: Sir Andy Murray should count his blessings

From: Mrs EH Bell, Newland Avenue, Driffield

Sir Andy Murray announced at the Australian Open that he is being forced to retire because of a hip knjury.

WHILST I realise that tennis is obviously his life, I venture to suggest it may help if Sir Andy Muray counted his many blessings, and his numerous past successes.

The fact is that his condition is not a terminal illness. He has a lovely wife, children, also a wider supportive family, and that he can at the very least walk, unlike many of our recently returned war heroes who were robbed of their legs and accepted their fate like men.

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My letter is prompted by the fact that so much of the news, especially on TV, has constantly been dominated by Andy Murray’s problems, when, to me, so many more relevant items of news should be given air time.

I can’t help my mind going back to how, when I was only 29, my first husband tragically died, leaving me with a three-year-old boy and baby girl of eight months with all the problems which ensued, but thankfully my faith saw me through.

From: Ray Marshall, Holmdene Drive, Mirfield.

I COULDN’T agree more with Susan Dennis (The Yorkshire Post, January 15) on Andy Murray. What an emotional performance, I can’t see Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer giving such a performance when their time comes.