YP Letters: The 10 commandments of the EU if we remain at mercy of Brussels

From: Bryan Burgess, Birch Drive, Willerby.
The EU flag.The EU flag.
The EU flag.

THE Ten Commandments of the European Union:

1. Thou shalt not leave the EU for at least the next 50 years and your children and grandchildren will continue to live in a country controlled by Brussels. The French and the Germans will succeed in what Napoleon and Hitler did not manage.

2. Thou shalt not seek to be better off outside the EU because David Cameron is in favour of us staying within, even with watered-down concessions which MP David Davis said wouldn’t enable us to “stop a pushbike”.

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3. Thou shalt not expect the EU to balance its budget anytime soon, if ever.

4. Thou shalt not grumble about paying huge £20bn amounts to the EU budget every year for very little in return.

5. Thou shalt not expect democratic freedom within the EU since it is meant to be a bureaucratic and centralised organisation which has overstepped its mandate.

6. Thou shalt not expect to control one’s own borders just because economic migrants come to this country to claim immediate benefits and send child benefit back home to their own country and thou shalt look forward to the time when Turkey is allowed full membership so that immigrants will have a direct route into Europe.

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7. Thou shalt not expect Britain to be an independent sovereign state which, if allowed, would thrive just like it did for centuries before the EU came along. Thou shalt look forward to a superstate – The United States of Europe - with a combined nations’ anthem of a remix of La Marseillaise and Das Deutschlandlied (the latter might be thought to translate as “The German Land Lied”).

8. Thou shalt look forward to ever closer union involving a shared banking system (including Greece), transfers between rich (us) to poor regions, a more uniform culture in terms of attitudes to paying taxes (have you ever lived in Italy?) and behaving responsibly.

9. Thou shalt not grumble that EU rules prevent Britain from bailing out its collapsing steel industry since it is easier to blame the Government.

10. Thou shalt not expect a ‘No’ vote to mean exit from the EU – the EU will perversely require further referendums until they get a ‘yes’ vote, (as with the Irish and the Lisbon Treaty when they were told they didn’t understand the question).

Believe it or not, I support economic migration. What I am against is uncontrolled immigration and our inability to control it.