YP Letters: UK was always going to lose out over car plants

From: Ross Taggart, Eaglescliffe, Stockton-on-Tees.

The Honda plant in Swindon is due to close in 2021.

THE utterly predictable closing of the Honda factory in Swindon has been greeted with apparent surprise by those who claim to lead us – presumably they will react in the same way if the Toyota and Nissan factories suffer in the same way.

It is the consequence of a EU/Japanese trade deal that was first proposed long before the Brexit referendum; a trade deal that greatly benefits French and German car makers and that allows, through the abolition of tariffs, Japanese car makers to close their EU factories and return production and jobs to their own country.

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The huge loser was always going to be the UK, regardless of whether we voted to be in or out of the EU.

Those Japanese factories are, or were, all here!

This begs several questions: where were our civil servants during those lengthy trade deal negotiations?

What did they have to say, if anything, about this disastrous (for us) deal?

Are they the same people 
that are currently negotiating Brexit? I think I know the answer to that.

What a complete and embarrassing shambles. The British people have been grotesquely failed by those who purport to govern us.