YP Letters: We would be April Fools to shorten school day

From: Mrs C Gannon, Flats Lane, Barwick in Elmet, Leeds.

Should schools start later in the day?

I THOUGHT it must be April 1 when I read suggestions of a 10am start for schools. It seems, over recent years, that the hours have become shorter and the holidays longer.

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I started secondary school in the late 1960s. I had a mile and a half to either walk or cycle to the bus stop to catch the school bus which came about 8am. I then did the return journey, arriving home after 5pm. As Mum was terminally ill, my sister and I were often in charge of making a meal, Dad being still at work. Weekends were often spent helping with cleaning, washing and ironing. Then, of course, we had homework to fit in. We just got on with things, no concessions were given as regards homework or exams.

It did, however, prepare me for work, my first full time job 9am-5.30pm, plus travelling time of course and again helping at home with housework etc.

Little wonder that it comes as a shock when today’s youngsters are asked to work eight hours or more a day for their wages. Not long ago I overheard a young work colleague saying they found six hours a day “too tiring”. Additionally, what about the many parents who currently drop their children off at school on their way to work? Will they be allowed to start work an hour or more later? I don’t think so!