Decades of peace in post-war Europe are worth far more than Brexit upset – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Gerald Hodgson, Spennithorne, Leyburn.

Pro-EU supporters outside the Houses of Parliament.

HOW can we stop this crazed Prime Minister and his Rasputin-like adviser Dominic Cummings? “No deal” is the worst possible outcome of this sorry mess.

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It solves nothing. Instead of a basis for a future relationship, it would leave us starting from scratch to re-negotiate arrangements which have taken decades to establish with no guarantee that the replacements will be as good as the current ones.

Boris Johnson is under growing pressure over Brexit.

I have always taken a broad view of the benefits of EU membership. To me the overwhelming plus is that there has been peace in Europe for 74 years and it is worth recalling that this is a period unprecedented in history, and is in large measure a result of the EU and its predecessor organisations.

As a four-year-old, I can remember sitting in an Anderson shelter in the cellar of my grandparents’ house in Newcastle hearing the bombs explode in the street outside. Peace is a price worth far more than arguments about EU regulations, which often turn out to be UK regulations, or immigrants, many of whom come from outside the EU.

Dominic Cummings is Boris Johnson's controversial chief of staff.

As a Liberal Democrat, I would like to see the electorate given a chance to think again, now that the ill-judged decision to hold a referendum has landed us in such chaos.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

TOM Richmond is right (The Yorkshire Post, September 9). It is abundantly clear that the current system of party politics has failed this country over Brexit, as we can so clearly see in the bickering between parties, and between members of parties, over this important matter.

Is it not now time to ditch parties and come up with a unified system as was done during the Second World War? Let the people vote for candidates who do not follow the party line and are willing to take into account the wishes of the people instead of the wishes of our current crop of flawed leaders and their trade union masters.

Both Conservative and Labour parties are already divided so let’s have a free vote and those who get the most votes form a government.

From: Roger P Brown, Sandalm, Wakefield.

IN the light of the continuing debacle over Brexit, when our elected politicians refuse to accept the democratic decision of the people, how can we continue to call ourselves ‘Great Britain’? Also, because a misguided Scotland wishes to be ruled from Brussels rather than in co-operation with London, can we still call ourselves ‘United Kingdom’?