Ditch our cars in order to save our health – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Edward Grainger, Botany Way, Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough.

Should car use be restricted to cut air pollution?

YOU recently published my letter that in a futile effort to improve health and wellbeing, I have given up my motor car to rely not just on cycling and walking, but train and bus travel, to go shopping in particular.

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You now report that people living within 164ft of a major road increased their chances of risking their health due to lung cancer by 10 per cent. The risks are just as great for residents close to town centres and areas of extensive housing.

Extinction Rebellion activists blocked streets in Leeds earlier this year.

Forget Brexit and the election, we literally are killing one another with this universal rule that each citizen is entitled to their own motor vehicle.

One less car to a highly residential area like Nunthorpe is insignificant but the facts are abundantly clear. Unless the number of vehicles is reduced, the health of the nation and that of the individuals grows ever more threatened, particularly for our children and grandchildren.

Who will follow my example? Very few I guess.

Yet, if we don’t act, we will continue to see increasing levels of heart disease, strokes, heart failure, bronchitis aand lung cancer caused by dangerous
levels of air pollution that can 
only be reduced if we give up 
this divine right to drive everywhere.