Donald Trump will win the next US election despite efforts of media and Washington elite: Yorkshire Post Letters

From: William Rees, Boroughbridge.

What are your views on Donald Trump?

Andrew Vine (The Yorkshire Post, December 3) accuses Boris Johnson of adopting Trump-like tactics in the current General Election campaign and he produces the usual litany of Trump criticisms (“downright lies, half-truths, fake news and dirty tricks”), hoping to justify his case.

Donald Trump is hated by the Washington elite because he disrupted their domination of American politics by appealing over their heads to ordinary people, for whom, since the election, he has delivered most of his promises, the most important being a vibrant economy.

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Recent opinion polls have shown that Mr Trump’s support among the black community in America is rising rapidly, for example, because they can see their standard of living rising under their current president.

Meanwhile the American House of Representatives, which is currently controlled by an out-of-touch Democratic Party, is trying to impeach the president on spurious charges that they will, I predict, pay dearly for at the next election.

If Mr Vine wants to write about dirty tricks and fake news he should be looking at the tactics of the Democratic Party, which long ago seems to have given up even pretending to represent the interests of ordinary working people.