Doreen Lawrence apology for 'any upset caused' over Grenfell Tower response after meeting with firefighters

Doreen Lawrence has apologised for any upset caused after suggesting race played a part in the response to the Grenfell Tower fire.

Baroness Lawrence, the mother of Stephen Lawrence, who was murdered in a racist attack in 1993, tonight said she has met with the London Fire Brigade and the capital's Fire Brigades Union.

She said: "I am reassured race played no part in their response to the Grenfell Tower fire.

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"Learning about the conditions firefighters faced that night has been insightful, apologies for any upset caused. I'm confident how valued equality is to LFB & FBU."

It comes after an interview she took part in almost two weeks ago on Channel 4.

During the interview she said: "Had that been a block full of white people in there, they would have done everything to get them out as fast as possible and make sure that they do what they needed to do.

"Nobody wanted to mention the word 'race' in the whole thing. Cause when I saw the residents who lived in that block, to me it was under no doubt around the racism that existed at that time."

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Calls for her to apologise surfaced following the appearance.

Doreen Lawrence. Picture: Nick Ansell/PA WireDoreen Lawrence. Picture: Nick Ansell/PA Wire
Doreen Lawrence. Picture: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Chairman of the West Yorkshire Fire Brigades Union, Dave Gillian, defended his profession in the Yorkshire Post.He wrote that "when she made these ill-judged, ignorant and offensive comments she was wrong.

"Ms Lawrence would do well to reflect on and withdraw her hurtful comments, apologise and offer her solidarity to those who risked everything that terrible night and have sacrificed so much as a result of it."

The devastating fire at Grenfell Tower in London in June 2017 resulted in the deaths of 72 people.