End to hated loan charge policy now in sight - The Yorkshire Post says

Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson may be keen to highlight their potential differences from one another as they campaign to become the next Prime Minister, but it is heartening to see one important area of policy agreement between them.

Both men have indicated their support for an independent review of the controversial loan charge, which has been causing great misery to self-employed freelancers.

Critics say the loan charge is retrospective and has left many facing financial ruin, as they have received unexpected tax demands of up to tens of thousands of pounds dating back to the late 1990s, while MPs – over 200 of whom have supported the suspension of the policy until it is reviewed – claim it has been linked to a number of suicides.

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This newspaper has led the way in highlighting the first-hand accounts of those who have been left facing potential financial ruin simply for following the tax rules as they stood at the time.

Loan charge victims come from many different parts of society.

Many of those affected, from professions as varied as locum doctors to IT contractors and oil and gas workers, were even acting on official advice from accountants on the handling of their financial affairs.

After a growing public outcry, it now appears that common sense is about to prevail – albeit belatedly – on the issue.

Arguably, given the two men left in the running to be the next leader of the country now appear to be in agreement on the need for an inquiry, there is nothing to prevent Jesse Norman, the chief financial secretary to the Treasury, from ordering the review with immediate effect.