Gambling advertising must be banned to halt epidemic destroying more lives – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Bob Watson, Baildon.

Should gambling advertising be banned by the next government?

GREG Wright (The Yorkshire Post, November 12) is quite right when he states that we need a root and branch online gambling review.

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There is no justification in allowing online staking levels above £2 and both the new government, and the rather ineffective Gambling Commission, need to address many issues as a matter or urgency, with gambling addiction at very worrying levels.

Leeds-based Sky Bet is a major backer of York races.

In my view, a start should be made by banning all gambling advertising, whether on television, radio, in print or online. You only have to look, for example, at the amount of gambling adverts on Sky Sports on the television or Talksport on the radio.

Enough is enough. Such a ban should also include sports equipment advertising and club sponsorship. The only question is, will we have a government and Gambling Commission with the courage to act in such a way, or will some minor restrictions be all that we will see?

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

FORMER MP Michael Meadowcroft blames the Today racing tips on Radio 4 for the gambling epidemic (The Yorkshire Post, November 16). They’re only light relief and horse racing fans – and others – know not to take them seriously.