GP surgeries in lockdown: readers give their verdict

Readers have shared their thoughts around GP surgeries during lockdown.Readers have shared their thoughts around GP surgeries during lockdown.
Readers have shared their thoughts around GP surgeries during lockdown.
Many readers have been in touch to share their thoughts and experiences surrounding GP surgeries in lockdown.

On April 12, The Yorkshire Post published a reader's letter entitled 'Time for GP surgeries to welcome back patients' which contended that too many GP surgeries still have their shutters firmly down - and patients in need of help are missing out as a result.

This is a issue that many of our readers feel very strongly about, and following the publication of the letter, many of you got in touch to have your say.

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Here is a selection of readers' thoughts and experiences surrounding GP surgeries in lockdown.

"We have very nice receptionists but how long before we can actually see a doctor is anyone’s guess. They cannot hide behind Covid forever." - Christine Beebee.

"It’s nigh on impossible to have a face to face consultation with a GP." - Fiona Love.

"They are all double jabbed, and so will we be soon, so why not?" - Christine Landon.

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"It amazes me that you can now get a haircut, go shopping, go to the pub but can you can’t get a doctor’s appointment." - Greta Ward.

"They have not been loving this. They have been dealing with more consultations than ever before, but a lot is having to be managed over the telephone. The demand is frankly horrendous." - Alison Lawton.

"Not on...those on a lot less salary have been taking a lot more risks." - Maureen Carney.

"I’ve been to face to face appointments throughout the pandemic – even changed GP surgeries after I moved house and still no issues getting an appointment." - Lauren Bourne.

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"It’s been like that before Covid. Getting paid too much for little service." - Janet Taylor.

"Our GP surgery and reception team have been wonderful. Consultants not so much." - Sandra Tickner-Hobson

"Really difficult to get through on the phone in usual times. Just about impossible at the moment, and when you do you get an appointment, it is usually with a practice nurse." - Angie Crowther.

"My mum’s doctors in Thirsk have been great, very supportive to a 90-year-old woman." - June Adamson.

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"I’d like to know why ‘some’ surgeries are performing minor surgery procedures as normal but ours isn’t." - Pauline Oakes.

"Can’t get a face to face appointment with mine for love nor money." - Sandra Anne Rea.

"This is why A&E depts are over run with patients." - Liz Burnley.

"There’s more to a face to face consultation than a patient sitting and telling the doctor about symptoms. The doctor should be observing the patient’s demeanour, breathing, skin tone, nails etc." - Susan Millwood.

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"Why is it safe for nurses to see patients at the surgery but not doctors? Disgusting." - Beth Hardcastle.

"I think I’m very lucky I’ve got an absolutely fantastic doctor." - Michael Foster.

"Why is it safe for community nurses to visit people in their homes but not for GPs to see patients?" - Karen Trueman-Smith.

"Remember when people had a family doctor you could call night or day!" - Emma Rock.

"Aren’t all the doctors and their staff immunised by now?" - Sharon Hope.

"Bring back the old days when patients were the most important people." - Barbara Wood.