Lack of support for jobs for ordinary workers leaving voters with nowhere to turn at next election - Yorkshire Post letters

From: Paul Brown, Bents Green Road, Sheffield.

One reader questions whether there is a political party prepared to give support to the aim of providing steady jobs for ordinary people. Photo: PA.

Chris Moncrieff (The Yorkshire Post, October 8) is correct to point out that Jeremy Corbyn is not going to disappear from the political scene.

What the Labour party will not acknowledge is that the left-wing attacks on British industry in the 1970s caused the destruction of many large industrial companies which once provided a lifetime of regular employment.

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Jeremy Corbyn can prove critics like Tony Blair wrong yet again at next election: Chris MoncrieffOlder readers can remember when the mighty GEC company led by Lord Weinstock built everything electrical from washing machines to a power station.

Left-wing militants look to Soviet Russia as the motherland of socialism but if they had tried their destructive tactics in that country they would have soon found themselves in a new home in deepest Siberia.

But Conservative politicians in their enthusiasm for acquiring a personal fortune from trading on international financial markets have happily colluded in the destruction of many medium-sized family businesses so as to increase the flow of cheap imports from the Far East.

Tories would make big gains across the North of England in 'Brexit election', new analysis findsCan anyone suggest where voters can go at election time without the existence of a political party which is prepared to give support to the aim of providing steady jobs for ordinary people?