A different Murray deserved the headlines

From: Brian H Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

I WAS dismayed that you afforded front page status to attention-seeking Judy Murray on the same day that a generous gesture from her self-effacing younger son was snubbed, even in the sports pages (The Yorkshire Post, November 17).

Andy was relaxing at home, not having touched a racket for three days, when he received a call from the organisers of the ATP Series. Roger Federer had pulled out of the final: could he come and play an exhibition match? He immediately drove over to the O2 Arena to play a “friendly” with world number one Novak Djokovic and a doubles with legends John McEnroe, Pat Cash and Tim Henman.

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Moreover, the light-hearted doubles match revealed the playful side to his character vouched for by his many English friends but at odds with his at times unappealing demeanour. He must have felt very low after the Federer humiliation, so his reaction showed real moral fibre. The more I observe Andy Murray the more I warm to him. He has served Britain well in the Davis Cup. If his career lasts long enough for him to represent an independent Scotland, so be it. And a word of encouragement to him: Roger Federer lost the 2008 French Open Final to Rafael Nadal. The score 2-6 1-6 0-6.