A lesson from Down Under

From: M B Fletcher, Thorpe Hesley, South Yorkshire.

THE two Eds – Miliband and Balls – and Labour supporters take note. Reading news on the internet just now, I see that Toyota, Ford, and other car manufacturers are closing all their plants down in Australia.

They were heavily subsidised by the government there with taxpayers’ money. This is ending and as manufacturing costs are too high the companies are all pulling out. There will be more of this here if Labour get back in. Taxpayers money wasted on overblown pay to bribe workers to vote for them as is now the case in local councils.

From: Michael Ross, Dunkeswick, North Yorkshire.

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YOUR front page picture (Yorkshire Post, February 11) of the half demolished St Peters Church in Stanley, Wakefield tells us much about our society now and in the future.

I have seen the demolition or change of use of several churches and synagogues during the last 25 years but I have never seen the demolition of a mosque, unless it was being replaced by something larger. A picture says more than a thousand words.

From: David F Chambers, Sladeburn Drive, Northallerton.

WHAT is it with the Sunday morning Classic FM presenters? I’ll accept no criticism of my NHS hearing aid, but those on the programme who do the news and adverts are careful to pronounce every world clearly, while the chap announcing the music does so in a suave, know-it-all, throw away style, often unintelligible.

Those of us wishing to extend our musical knowledge are left as ignorant as ever.