A plan for tackling dementia is long overdue from the Government - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Jean Sykes, Kingston upon Hull East.

Dementia is the UK’s biggest killer, and one of the greatest health challenges facing society. Earlier this year the UK Government announced a ‘visionary’ 10-year Plan for Dementia, aiming to increase diagnosis and support people with their health and care needs.

This announcement provided hope for the 900,000 living with dementia in the UK. The Government promised to publish the plan by the end of 2022 – but we are still waiting, and my patience is wearing thin.

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With a change in Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, not once, not twice, but three times since July, progress on the 10-Year Plan for Dementia has stalled.

Steve Barclay is the Health Secretary. PIC: Dan Kitwood/Getty ImagesSteve Barclay is the Health Secretary. PIC: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
Steve Barclay is the Health Secretary. PIC: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

And now, 19 times over, the Government has responded to questioning, stating “further information will be available in due course”.

While I am thrilled by the recent positive drug trial results, they give hope for the future, for those living in the now, this lack of clear direction from the Government is costing them time and hope.

Dementia is long overdue a plan, and people affected by dementia are long overdue the respect and consideration they deserve. But without delivering on their commitments, the Government is making a clear statement; dementia is not their priority.

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Publishing a plan to improve the lives of people affected by dementia is so important to me because having experienced caring for my darling husband for over 10 years, I know the emotional and financial strain it is trying to do the best for your loved one.

I cannot stress how important something is done immediately so no-one has to go through this without help.

The Government must publish the 10-year Plan for Dementia now and help people in this area affected by dementia live more fulfilled and less fearful lives.

Dementia doesn’t wait for due course – we need a #PlanD now.