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From: Mike Ridgway, Ghyll Wood, Ilkley.

Liz Truss, who grew up in Leeds, is the new Foreign Secretary.

IN response to the letter from Ken Cooke of Ilkley (The Yorkshire Post, September 11), I, too, am “elderly” and much relieved that Brexit has given us much greater national flexibility away from the long-fingered clutches of the EU in Brussels.

It is all very well for the writer, a self-admitted Remainer, to moan about, by implication, the result of the people’s vote and the result of the 2019 general election but he must realise he has lost the argument and that Brexit is a fact. Is it not?

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So what are his options now? Accept that “Get Brexit Done” has happened? Or perhaps pretend it has not happened and carry on dreaming of the European Courts of Justice interfering in our lives and the dream of the EU to over-regulate our businesses.

Is Boris JNohnson's Brexit good for Britain?

For an “elderly” person like me, I will look at the current status quo of our way of life of democracy and Brexit rather than to his Brussels power-grabbing Utopian future.

From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

LIZ Truss exudes great confidence for our outcomes in deals with eastern growth markets in India and elsewhere (The Yorkshire Post, September 15) before her promotion from International Trade Secretary to Foreign Secretary.

Given the nature of trade negotiations, does not the comparative size of India and the UK place us at a disadvantage?

Might we not be required to import more from them than they buy from us – even more than the two-thirds of imported cheese which outraged Ms Truss some years back?

If only we were part of something bigger!

From: Jas Olak, Vice Chair, Leeds for Europe.

FOR firms to be told by Liz Truss, the new Foreign Secretary who grew up in Leeds, that trading with near-neighbours displays “a defensive mindset” and desire to “stay in your comfort zone” must have been infuriating.

Some companies may be of sufficient scale to contemplate looking for markets thousands of miles away. Many won’t.

Some products are suitable 
for shipping to markets thousands of miles away. 
Many aren’t.

Ms Truss’s comments seem to be the latest miserable effort from a Government happy to blame anyone but itself for a Brexit that isn’t working and content to sit back and deter, not encourage, companies to take advantage of export opportunities on their own doorstep.

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