Actions speak louder than words as jihadist threat grows

From: Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon.

DR Mohammed Ali (The Yorkshire Post, September 4) comments that Muslims in the UK suffer more than double the average poverty level, and that they also face racial barriers.

This is all very well, but how many Muslims are trying to recreate their old homelands within their communities in this country?

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Proper integration is absolutely vital, but what does not help is to see so many dress as though they still live in a faraway country, and speak so often in the language of that country.

So, while some of what Dr Ali says may indeed be true, surely his own Muslim community still needs to do far more to integrate?

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

DAVID Cameron tells us that we are at risk of an outrage caused by Islamic jihadists and we should be careful. Has he boosted the Immigration Service and increased funding? No. Has he increased police presence on our streets? No. Just what has he done, other to talk about the threat we are alleged to be facing? Nothing.

He and his Ministers have round-the-clock protection by armed officers while we have an ever decreasing police service owing to his Government’s cuts.

From: John Watson, Leyburn.

WHY are David Cameron and Barack Obama dithering over the barbarity taking place in Iraq? Why are these two so-called leaders of the civilised world who have the power to end this savagery overnight not attempted to do something about it?

America has lost two good men, put to the sword. It looks as though the next victim will be a young Briton with two young children. The whole scenario has become a disgrace.

From Terry Duncan, Bridlington.

DID church-going Christians contemplate the empty pews on Sunday compared to the TV images this past few weeks of British mosques packed with praying Muslims?

From: Iain Morris, Saltaire.

Jihadists have returned to Britain, many to London, where there is no end to diversity. They have returned from the Islamic State where diversity has been tortured, raped, made homeless and murdered. They have voted with their feet to return home because they know the most precious thing they possess is a British passport.