Boycott firms that dodge tax

From: G Smith, Harrogate.

I HAVE just received an unexpected Christmas present – a demand from the taxman.

I know that I will have to pay it, but what irks me is that many high-street companies are evading paying their taxes. This is grossly dishonest and unfair to ordinary taxpayers.

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Moreover, politicians of the three main parties have not taken effective action to protect their constituents from the effects of tax avoidance and evasion.

So given the attitude of the authorities to ignore such criminal behaviour, what can someone like me do?

Firstly, I can blacklist the goods and services of these high street companies.

Secondly, I will pay my tax bill, but get friends and family also to boycott these companies.

And thirdly, boycott the three main political parties in future elections.

Metric muddle

From: John Eoin Douglas, Spey Terrace, Edinburgh.

NOW that we are in the season where dissemination of accurate information about weather conditions can mean the difference between life and death, I can only hope that journalists will take the time to convert metric units into Imperial ones when dealing with Met Office and other forecasts.

When it comes to snow, I know what six inches looks like but the equivalent in centimetres is something I cannot easily visualise. Likewise, with temperature, elevation and wind speed.

While officialdom may seek to kill off us dinosaurs to hasten its goal of compulsory metrication by effectively withholding such essential information, I would urge the media to be more considerate.

Scrap holiday

From: J W Renshaw, Curver Street, Bradford.

IN view of the cost to the country of last month’s public sector strike, perhaps the Government should consider recouping some of the lost revenue by scrapping one of next year’s Bank Holidays. Preferably the May Day one.