Britain needs to solve the post-Brexit freedom of movement issue - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: James Bovington, Horsforth, Leeds.

According to the BBC, England midfielder Jude Bellingham plans to acquire an Irish passport to facilitate playing for Real Madrid yet his classmates from just a few years ago, who were hard working linguists but who lack this eligibility, no longer have a legal way to improve their Spanish through working in Spain as the Tory version of Brexit rules out even temporary employment.

This year's annual London to Paris charity cycling event might also be the last as red tape affecting movement of people and bicycles is now so onerous as to make organising the event unworkable.

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Pigeon fanciers found that Brexit would put an end to taking pigeons to France to race home. Musicians know that Brexit bureaucracy which would certainly have prevented The Beatles Hamburg trip has made continental touring the preserve of those who can employ experts to process it.

European Union flags and a British flag. PIC: PAEuropean Union flags and a British flag. PIC: PA
European Union flags and a British flag. PIC: PA

I've stopped asking Brexiteers to defend this nonsense because they can't. I'm sure that in any case this wasn't what was intended. These issues could be resolved without rejoining.

It's Sir Keir's timidity that dismays me. To give young people the chance to benefit from the social, cultural, linguistic, scientific and professional development that time living and working elsewhere in Europe can bring, Labour and other opposition parties could make manifesto pledges to restore freedom of movement to all aged 30 and under with a five-year work visa leading to possible permanent residence assuming reciprocity.

Allowing French schoolchildren to make short school visits with identity cards would also be a gesture of goodwill. Passports are now required because the Tory mindset is that French teenagers are potential terrorists.

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School trips to the continent by coach - of which I led plenty - have all but collapsed owing to Brexit. What an irony that visits to the Commonwealth War Graves have now become too difficult because of the Iron Curtain that the Tories have constructed at Dover.