Business plan risks destroying our police force

From: TW Coxon, West Auckland Road, Darlington.

WE have had the debacle of the appointment of police commissioners and now we have the unbelievable drive to appoint senior police officers from big businesses.

Are we mad? Isn’t it all about, or supposed to be about, efficiency and saving money? Can you imagine serious incident such as riots, terrorist incidents, major accidents etc being left to untrained, inexperienced, fast-tracked police officers being supervised by CEOs from banks, insurance companies and, dare I say it, supermarkets? Where do the much-vaunted police commissioners come in?

The whole service, it seems to me, will be run and organised by amateurs. If efficiency and savings are required, why appoint another layer of management above the chief constables?

I was always of the opinion that the British policing system was admired throughout the world. These proposals are bound to demoralise the police service and should be resisted.

I am not against changes or improvement, but really, appointing business heads or non-police officers to the rank of police superintendent is crass, as is the person who dreamed up this idea.

Do we always have to follow what America does and do they always do it so well?

What of all the young talent from universities unable to find a job?

Can’t they be utilised without having to fast-track and effectively destroy police apprenticeships?

We are told that the UK has the highest percentage of unemployed young people in Europe – so why fast track?

These ideas will, in the long run, create a poor, inefficient, demoralised police service with rampant disillusionment throughout the force. I despair!