Cameron is leading us to breakdown of law and order

From: Peter A Ellis, Patterdale Drive, Dalton, Huddersfield.

DAVID Cameron obviously doesn’t live in the real world, because if he did surely, he would realise that any cuts in the policing budget is a recipe for disaster as far as law enforcement in this country is concerned, and will plunge us into an impossible situation (Yorkshire Post, August 22).

Moreover, with crime in general spiralling out of control at an alarming rate, if the police are ever going to function as an effective force against crime and disorder, what is actually needed is more funding for law enforcement and the police force in general.

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Are Mr Cameron and his Government aware that West Yorkshire is one of the worst crime regions in Britain? If not, why not? And if we are to lose even more officers, how will the police be able to patrol our highways and byways effectively?

But then I’m sure Mr Cameron, in his privileged position, is able to walk to his local shop to buy essentials without running the gauntlet of feral young people who seem intent on violence and intimidation.

After all, these creatures are safe in the knowledge that intervention by the authorities is a thing of the past and they are allowed to run amok unchecked by any kind of authority. Where are their parents, who are surely ultimately responsible for them?

If not, then shouldn’t these young people be put into care for their own safety and the good of their communities?

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But, of course, the Prime Minister won’t lose any sleep over such a minor issue as the safety of the public.

Surely now is the time for a vote of no confidence in a regime that appears to have nothing but contempt for the electorate.

Incidentally the recent disturbances in certain parts of the country seemed to prove one thing, that the police force are unable or unwilling to protect decent law-abiding people and their homes and amenities from rioters.

It does seem that due to the inept way that the affairs of this country have been handled that we are heading for a complete breakdown of law and order and the end of our society as we know it. Congratulations Mr Cameron!

From: Jack Brown, Lamb Lane, Monk Bretton, Barnsley.

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I SPEAK as an ex-county councillor member of a police authority with a councillor wife. Thank you for giving us the figure of 1,000 West Yorkshire police officers (Yorkshire Post, August 22) lost to community policing (CP).

We can make pro-rata comparisons. There was a grey area in the 1964 Police Act – authority responsible for control of crime, chief constable responsible for operations – that led to demands for “more democratic control of the police” during the Thatcher years. CP was New Labour’s capitulation to those demands.

It has politicised the police in a manner which affects operational decisions.