Can commissioners make real difference to lawless streets?

From: Peter A Ellis, Patterdale Drive, Dalton, Huddersfield.

I HAVE seen the advert on TV regarding the election of a local police commissioner.

Does anyone really believe
that if the current Chief 
Constable of West Yorkshire Police is, as it seems, incapable of providing an adequate and effective policing service (Yorkshire Post, October 17), 
that a local police commissioner will show any more commitment to ensuring our safety and security?

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According to the advert, we can have a say on which type of crimes we wish the authorities to focus on.

How bizarre. Surely we need our public servants to tackle crime in general?

However, due to the current lack of officers patrolling our local areas, especially on foot, there is little likelihood of the appearance of an effective law enforcing body of people on the streets of our communities where we actually need them.

When did you last see a bobby on a recognised regular beat in your area?

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I haven’t seen a police officer on foot where I live for many years. If the police are not on site, how can they hope to detect and prevent crime?

Perhaps the new police commissioner, when elected, should begin his duties by explaining to the public the reason why the streets of West Yorkshire are not safe for law-abiding citizens to move around on at their leisure.

Yes, we know that the senior police officers have more 
pressing issues than protecting the public, for example collecting revenue from traffic violations through the use of speed cameras, which in turn means that former law-abiding people are instantly transformed into criminals, so surely the appointment of a police commissioner is a waste of time and valuable resources!

If there was a police presence on our streets and roads, wouldn’t that go a long way to reducing crime?

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It’s not rocket science. We already pay for a service from the authorities through the council tax precept and other taxes.

When are the police going to do their duty and protect and serve us? When are they going to police our communities, and show themselves on our streets? If the authorities are not up to this task, what are our options?

One thing seems clear. If 
the current crime rate is not checked, decent law-abiding people will be placed in an impossible situation, and 
will have no option but to 
take the law into their own 

When that happens, it will be a tragic day for this country and a sad reflection on our half-civilised society!

One thing is certain from the November 15 election: nothing will change.

Our so-called police force, which has all but deserted us, will continue to be absent from our highways and byways.