Care tarnishes name of rugby

From: Carolyn Waterfield, Nanny Lane, Church Fenton.

WITH reference to the article (Yorkshire Post, March 5) regarding Danny Care urinating on the steps of the Queens Hotel in Leeds, did he not consider the size of his bladder when he was filling it to overflowing?

It seems that there is a pattern emerging here with previous convictions for drink-related incidents.

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This is exactly the kind of behaviour Stuart Lancaster is trying to eradicate from the England rugby team and more power to his elbow,

Danny Care, with his total lack of respect and irresponsibility is not doing himself or the name of English rugby any favours.

Praise where it’s due for NHS

From: Edward Hide, retired flat jockey, Huttons Ambo, York.

THE NHS often comes in for criticism but, after my recent experience having a tumour on my pancreas removed in a six-hour operation, I have nothing but praise.

I was referred to Mr Andrew Smith and his team at the Bexley wing of St James’s Hospital in Leeds. I spent 12 days in hospital including five days in a high dependency unit.

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From start to finish, my treatment was first class – courteous, attentive and caring. I wish to convey my sincere thanks to all concerned for the way they looked after me.

Duchess could save on dresses

From: John Halkon, Hermitage Court, Richmond.

CONSIDERING all the recent Letters to the Editor regarding the purchase by the Duchess of Cambridge of dresses from fashion outlets, I trust she obtained some discount in view of her near celebrity status.

I wonder when making these purchases did she foresee this amount of comment?