Coronavirus: Don’t let Jeremy Corbyn and Labour blame austerity for NHS crisis

From: Peter Rickaby, Selby.

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Coronavirus Lockdown: Stay at home to save lives – The Yorkshire Post says

JEREMY Corbyn says 10 years of Tory cuts and austerity are the reason why the NHS is struggling to cope with Covid-19 (The Yorkshire Post, March 23).

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It illustrates what a shallow-minded political agitator he is and always will be – trying to make political capital out of such a serious matter is frankly disgusting. Did he know when the virus was going to strike? No, neither did the rest of the world. Time for him to self-isolate for years to come.

Is outgoing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn right to blame austerity for Covid-19?

From; David Algar, Yeadon.

A DOCTOR has confirmed on national radio that the expelled vapour from electronic cigarettes can potentially carry the coronavirus in the vapour.

As a frequent user of Leeds Station, the signs which ask passengers not to smoke or vape at the entrances are often ignored.

I would very much appreciate it if the British Transport 
Police could look into this hazard and if you are aware of this problem.

NHS staff are still waiting for PPE equipment to treat Covid-19 patients.

From: TR Wheeldon, Norfolk Road, Harrogate.

REPORTS of panic buying of toilet rolls amaze me. As a child during the war, I can remember that when there was a shortage of paper, I tore up newspapers into small strips, clipped them together, tied them with a piece of string and hung them in the toilet. To relieve boredom, at the appropriate time, I used to read bits of interesting reports but then got very irritated when I couldn’t find the piece with the rest of the story!

From: Henry Cobden, Ilkley.

NOW Boris Johnson has put the country into effective lockdown, there is still panic buying in supermarkets. The Government can’t win over social distancing when so many people appear to be devoid of common sense and humanity towards others. Nicola Sturgeon’s instructions to Scotland have been far clearer.

From: Mr PL Taylor, Lockwood, Huddersfield.

MANY of our institutions, political parties, National Health Service and others are severely criticised in normal times. But when a national emergency arises, such as war or public health, all parties must pull together. It is what the country expects of them, without exception.

From: Jon Marcus, Colville Gardens, Lightwater.

WHY should the Brexit transition period be extended? It is not NHS staff who are Britain’s EU negotiators.