Danger of twisted politics on the Right and Left

From: Charles Rushton, Pasture Close, Strensall, York.

THE question of restricting protests by extremist Right groups should surely be extended to all extremist groups (The Yorkshire Post, May 23). Why single out the Far Right, odious though they are? Surely equally odious are the many on the Far Left, never far from making trouble when they wish.

Both extremes represent political factions responsible for many millions of deaths during the last century, not to mention the associated sufferings of an equally large number. The horrors of the final solution of the Nazis were matched by the relatively hidden horrors of the Gulag and the Killing Fields of Cambodia, all the product of twisted politics.

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Ban the Far Right by all means but beware of the consequences! A slippery slope awaits.

From: Arthur Quarmby, Underhill, Holme.

I HAVE often wondered why it is that any opinion outside the Socialist/Lib Dem/BBC pink consensus is invariably 
described by the media as “Far Right”?

Is there no Near or Medium Right? Whatever happened to middle of the road? Must any opinion not Left Wing automatically be classed as extreme?