Dignified Royal family represent the very best of Britain

From: Jeffrey Stirk, The Arches, Newton le Willows, Bedale.

THERE is a saying that one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Regarding Aled Jones’s comments about the Royal wedding (Yorkshire Post, May 3) reminded me how true this is.

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I would rather spend five minutes with my sovereign than a whole day with those who I presume are your correspondent’s icons.

If the pillars of society in his view are ill-mannered sports celebrities, foul-mouthed media personalities and state officials who can’t keep their snouts out of the trough, give me the dignity of the Royal Family any day. There may well be rogue members of the Royal household but they should be allowed to live their lifestyles at their own expense. Just cut off the public purse to them.

From: D Wood, Thorntree Lane, Goole.

ALED Jones is completely wrong in his anti-Royalist rant against the Royal wedding. This was a great British occasion watched and enjoyed around the world.

The Royal family are now one of the last remaining British institutions which still attract envy from abroad, and the support on Friday for the Royal family – and the British pomp and ceremony – showed what a tiny minority the likes of Mr Jones belongs to.

The Royal family are not the enemy of democracy as he states, that title belongs to elected politicians of all parties who sell us out to the unelected foreigners of the EU and give us a referendum on a voting system that few people want, while at the same time denying us the referendum that almost everyone wants – a referendum on leaving the EU.

From: Sarah Walsh, Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

CRITICS of the Royal family should look at the wider economic benefits of Prince William’s marriage to Catherine Middleton. The boost that this has given UK fashion is very significant – it is a sector of the economy that receives too little coverage.

The wedding proved that the Royals are, again, the very best people to promote the best of British. I hope others agree.

From: Mrs E Woolrich, Huddersfield.

THE Royal family’s warmth to the Duchess of Cornwall at last week’s wedding, and Camilla’s gentle charm during her visit to Sheffield on Wednesday, showed – to me at least – that she will be the next Queen of Britain. I think she has bought out the best in Prince Charles.

From: F Flint, Newland Avenue, Hull.

THE media are very quick to criticise the police when they make mistakes – such as the use of “kettling” to control demonstrators in London.

They should, therefore, be praised for their common sense policing that enabled the Royal wedding to pass off so peacefully.

It was a delight to be in the capital at such a well-mannered occasion.