Disbelief at vast legal aid handouts to soldier’s murderers

From: Barrie Frost, Watson’s Lane, Reighton, Filey.

I CAN well imagine Richard Wilson, of One Foot in ihe Grave fame, saying “I don’t believe it”. He would be joined by almost the whole of the population of Britain and probably many more millions of decent people in the rest of the world.

What could possibly cause this outrage?

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Well, it would be the fact that the killers of soldier, Lee Rigby, have received a combined £212,613.32 in legal aid to cover solicitors and advocates’ fees and other expenses.

Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale chose, completely at random, Lee Rigby, simply because he was a soldier. They lay in wait near Woolwich Barracks, ran him down and hacked him to death, in front of people going about their daily lives. They then allowed themselves to be filmed, still holding the blood-soaked machetes and boasting about their grotesque behaviour, until being overpowered by very brave police officers.

Nothing could be more clear cut, their guilt beyond any possible doubt, their sentences fully justified, indeed, if ever a death penalty should have been imposed, this case surely warranted it.

Yet, at a time when the country is £1.3 trillion in debt, along comes the legal establishment to once more demonstrate their perceived superiority over us mere mortals by squandering such simply appalling sums of taxpayers’ monies in such an obscene way.

The legal establishment criticised the Government’s recent decision to restrict legal aid assistance, saying it would lead to people not having the benefit of legal representation and necessary help, leading to many people being denied the justice they deserved. If this is an example of their understanding of justice which should be paid for by the taxpayers, then it must indicate just how totally incompetent our justice system has become.

Why do we allow this abomination to happen? Will the Ministry of Defence be protesting at such cash being allocated to the murderers of one of their soldiers?

Will the Prime Minister be voicing his disapproval? Is he powerless to stop the legal eagles simply helping themselves to other people’s monies to satisfy their own totally misguided views on justice?

My solution? Withdraw this legal aid money and allow those who wish to align themselves with these killers to fund their beliefs out of their own pocket. I bet this would concentrate their minds to question their actions.