Don’t demonise Jeremy Corbyn; he has a proud record of success as Labour leader – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: John Heawood, Eastward Avenue, Fulford, York.

Is Jeremy Corbyn to blame for Labour's malaise?
Is Jeremy Corbyn to blame for Labour's malaise?

YOUR post-election editorial (The Yorkshire Post, May 8) refers to “the toxic legacy left behind by Jeremy Corbyn” as if it was an established fact. But you didn’t tell us what it is.

Is it that he took Labour Party membership to half a million, making Labour the largest political party in Europe?

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Is it that, with his message of hope for a happier, less austere future, he attracted young people into politics?

Pressure is growing on Sir Keir Starmer who succeeded Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader in April 2020.

Is it that in two years he presided over a sharp decrease in anti-Semitism among Labour supporters?

Or is it that in the 2017 election he wiped out Theresa May’s majority?

After that, powerful right-wing forces took fright and intensified the campaign to demonise Mr Corbyn, which continues to this day.

From: Nigel Bywater, Oak Grove, Morley.

THE result in the Hartlepool by-election was a kick in the 
teeth for all the victims of the Grenfell Tower disaster (Kath Pinnock, The Yorkshire Post, May 7).

The Johnson government has failed to address the issue of buildings that still have these dangerous insulation panels. It was poor UK building regulation enforcement that allowed the panels to be installed in the first place.

There is also the issue of people that have purchased these affected flats, they will need to foot the bill to make the building safe, instead of the original developers.

There was a flat fire in London two weeks ago, which had the same dangerous cladding. The fire spread through properties over three storeys, trapping residents on smoke-logged balconies before 125 firefighters got the blaze under control.

What will it take for action from Downing Street? Labour’s metro mayors did very well in last week’s elections, but the solution to the Grenfell Tower disaster must come from our carefree Prime Minister.

From: Jerry Diccox, Darley.

I SHARE Tom Richmond’s and Rachel Reeves’s despair about a PM who misleads, obfuscates, lies and blusters his way out of tough questions (The Yorkshire Post, May 1 and 8), but it would seem that the electorate like it that way, or quite a few do, anyway.

If Labour are to regain lost ground they don’t need to 
change their leader, instead they need to become less honest, play the fool and take the public for mugs.

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