Don’t put Tour on road to ruin

From: John Halkon, Hermitage Court, Richmond.

I AM also thrilled at the prospect of the Tour de France coming to the roads of Yorkshire.

I enjoy watching Eurosport on Sky and seeing the various cycle tour races as they pass through the winding lanes and hills of Europe, and to bring this to Yorkshire will produce much excitement and many benefits to a wide area.

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These events always appear well funded and I am sure we can tolerate any disruption to our daily lives for the short period whilst they pass through.

One area of concern, however, is the state and condition of the highways and byways which the race will follow. In my travels around this fair county they are in a very poor condition, with potholes, rough surfaces and badly maintained verges and road edges.

Whether in the town or countryside, it is the same and I doubt the race organisers will be able to plan a safe route.

Perhaps I am wrong and works will be undertaken to improve the situation. We will have to wait and see.

High cost of vote for main parties

From: Mr V Platt, Hereford Court, Harrogate.

WITH reference to Mr Rodney Atkinson’s letter (Yorkshire Post, March 31) on postage stamp price increases, the directives from Brussels he refers to are PO Closures EU97/67/EC and Royal Mail Privatisation 2002/38/EC and who is responsible? The people who, over the years, voted Labour, Liberal and Conservative.

These three parties are ardent supporters of the corrupt European Union so, on principle, all those people that voted for them are not allowed to moan about the increases.

Is this fair enough?

Matter of faith

From: Iain Morris, Caroline Street, Saltaire, Bradford.

IF the teachings in Proverbs were reintroduced into all our schools, this country would change overnight.