Electors disenfranchise themselves by not voting

From: Warren G Goodwin, Drury Lane, Normanton.

FOR a “Yes” supporter, Nick Clegg, to accuse the No to AV campaign of lacking “bottle for real debate” is laughable when his campaign is riding around saying things like “make your MP work harder”.

How will introducing such a worthless and “miserable little compromise” of a voting system do that?! It is a totally baseless slogan that is doing much to instill a feeling of confusion and contempt for the AV campaigns.

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The cost of AV may be a “fraction of the national debt”, but it is a cost and one that we could and should be avoiding – were it not for Mr Clegg’s insistence on a voting system that would benefit the Lib Dems.

Reform of the voting system is not wanted and too expensive, I say vote no!

From: RE Kelly, The Meadows, Cherry Burton, Beverley.

READING the letters (Yorkshire Post, February 21) on the subject of changes in the voting system, I feel obliged to put forward a different point of view that could cause some discussion. People are not disenfranchised by the present system; they do that themselves by not turning out to vote. One simple cross and the job is done. No multiple choices to worry about and the system is more secure than any electronic method. So if people are too lazy to turn out to vote what to do?

I find the answer to that question very simple.