Farmers’ market is treated like poor relation

From: M Holt, Wakefield.

AFTER I retired, I missed the banter of working with people. I solved this by helping my friends on farmers’ markets.

Usually we visit a venue once a month and have now a good relationship with other traders and customers.

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York, being new to us and an unknown quantity, we were unsure how well our products would sell.

Being situated on Parliament Street, we soon had regular customers bringing their friends and neighbours and thanking us for being there. The downside of my story (happy so far) is that whenever the market organisers can get more money from food fairs, Continental markets, Christmas markets etc, we are taken from our usual spot and moved into the forgotten St Sampson’s Square. Although our customers are alerted to the move, they have difficulty in finding us.

Friday July 25, was yet again a disaster, for all of us had to move. No advertising banner had been displayed directing customers to where the farmers’ market had been moved to. We are very grateful to the customers who did find us, but feel we are letting so many customers down. So please support us whenever you can. Don’t let the powers that be get rid of us altogether. They are paid whether we take money or not.