February 27 Letters: Support for those hounded by the hunts

From: Ms N Reilly, Cowlersley Lane, Huddersfield.

I WAS saddened, though not surprised, to read the letter from Mrs Bamford (The Yorkshire Post, February 21) outlining the continuing harassment she claims to have has experienced from The Rockwood Harriers in response to your Hunting 
Act special edition in Country Week.

Unfortunately, despite hunting wild mammals with dogs being illegal now for ten years, some continue to hunt, often ignoring the wishes of landowners 
who do not want bloodsports activities taking place on their property.

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Many have suffered years of threats and damage to property, livestock and pets by members 
of these hunts.

However victims of such intimidation are not alone. There is an organisation “Hounds Off” www.houndsoff.co.uk that was formed to support victims of hunt trespass, threats and violence.

They offer legal support and advice to victims of this behaviour who contact them. I would urge anyone who has issues with hunt trespass to contact them.

Similarly, if you are a witness to illegal hunting with hounds or other bloodsports do contact the League Against Cruel Sports wildlife crime hotline in confidence on 01483 361 108.

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