February17 letters: EU supporters pulling wool over public’s eyes

From: Geoffrey Thorpe, Lister Avenue, East Bowling, Bradford.

I REFER to the article written by Douglas Alexander about the dangers of leaving the EU (The Yorkshire Post, February 7).

The Shadow Foreign Secretary and Labour MP for Paisley in Scotland was trying to persuade the people in Yorkshire that they should fight to stay in the EU and he came up with a lot of figures about how much being in the EU is worth to the Yorkshire people and how they would be worse off.

These MPs that are pushing to stay in the EU quote figures but never, ever say how much each household is putting into the EU. These same MPs are insinuating that the EU countries would not trade with Britain but never say so explicitly.

If that is the case why don’t they say so or are they trying to pull the wool over the public’s eye?

Douglas Alexander also states that the Labour Party, if they come to power, will negotiate a new deal for Britain. This man is, in my opinion, a clown. The EU has told this government there is no renegotiation available - full stop.

Britain imports a lot more from the EU than we export there and there is no way that the EU would lose this market and I haven’t read or seen anywhere that the EU have said they would not trade with Britain if not in the EU.