Five reasons why Brexit agreement negotiated by David Frost is failing Britain – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Jas Olak, Vice Chair, Leeds for Europe, Roundhay, Leeds.

Brexit Minister David frost (left) with Boris Johnson as the Brexit deal was signed last December.

THE damage Brexit has already caused our country is increasingly recognised.

For example, YouGov found the number who think it is being handled badly by the Government outstrip those who think it is doing well by two to one.

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But it looks as if it will be a long time before that realisation will reach Brexit Minister Lord Frost (Brexit revival of ‘get-up-and-go Britain’, The Yorkshire Post, November 24).

Brexit Minister David frost (left) with Boris Johnson as the Brexit deal was signed last December.

Absent was any recognition of harm caused by the deal he negotiated and a Brexit that isn’t working for Britain. Instead, the column was littered with phrases that point to a clueless, out-of-touch Government and Minister – an unelected one – driven by ideology and ignorance. Such as:

* Making things “less bureaucratic and more dynamic” (ignoring all the post-Brexit paperwork).

* It is “too easy to get captured by interest groups and lobbies” (so continue ignoring industry’s concerns, I guess).

* “Increasing consumer choice, reducing consumer costs” (no mention of empty shelves and rising prices).

* “Continue creating wealth” (although Brexit is expected to cause a permanent four per cent drop in UK GDP).

* “Light touch and proportionate regulation” (but no clue whether he means, for example, undermine British agriculture with poor-quality food imports from the other side of the world).

Little wonder perhaps Lord Frost negotiated such an awful deal – and now tries but fails to distract us from it by stoking animosity with European Union allies. His deal is bad and needs to be renegotiated in its entirety – not just the Northern Ireland Protocol.

From: Mike Baldwin, Nether Edge, Sheffield.

WITH the fall in popularity of the Tory party following accusations of sleaze and Boris Johnson’s Peppa Pig routine, it is obvious constitutional reform is desperately needed. The only other government in Europe chosen with a “first past the post” system is that paradigm of political probity: Belarus.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are chosen with systems of proportional representation.

This brings about a fairer government, more representative of the views of the population.

Is it not time for the UK to move into the 21st century and change from its present archaic system to one more equal and less divisive?

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