Food banks: Is starvation a myth or is revolution in the air?

From: Hugh Rogers, Messingham Road, Ashby.

THREE cheers for Bill Carmichael and his sensible article (The Yorkshire Post, December 12) about the left-wing food bank/starving poor mythology peddled by the BBC.

It is ages since I saw a proper Oliver Twist-ian ragamuffin and the criminally expensive social security system makes sure that no-one needs to starve in 21st-century Britain. So, forget food banks, all you would-be Lady Bountifuls. How about concentrating your efforts upon making sure that lonely elderly folk have companionship and enough warmth to last the winter? Shove a handful of coins in their slot meters next time you pass. Even better, offer to help pay their electric bills and make them a nice cup of tea. Now that really would be helpful.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

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ED Miliband says he has the economy in hand and will reduce the deficit year on year (The Yorkshire Post, December 12). I fail to see how he is going to achieve that without alienating the working public. He will have to do two things: increase taxes and reduce foreign aid.

The first would be very unpopular and the second impossible without a massive reduction in the power the Sir Humphreys of Whitehall wield.

Let us not forget these Whitehall warriors hold far more power than any politician. It’s time to take a degree in finance Ed and even then I doubt you could find an answer to our ills apart from getting us out of Europe – and we know for sure that is not on your agenda.

From: Dr Glyn Powell, Kellington, Goole.

THE contempt in which the Tories hold ordinary people is, yet again, clearly demonstrated by Baroness Jenkin’s comments that the poor “do not know how to cook” (Jayne Dowle, The Yorkshire Post, December 11).

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In response to this insult, I say that the poor are able to cook but are unable to purchase decent fresh food due to a lack of financial resources. Instead, whether in work or out of work through illness, disability or lack of reasonable opportunities, they have to rely on handouts.

A terrible indictment of life in modern Britain, a country that ranks sixth amongst the world’s economies. Eventually, such a massive disparity of wealth between the majority poor and over-privileged few will lead to a complete collapse of society.

Remember Marie Antoinette’s “let them eat cake” comment that preceded the glorious French revolution.